Feeding Vultures

Framed Logo vULpROVultures will eat rotten meat, but they far prefer fresh carcasses given a choice. Their eye sight is so good that they normally spot carcasses very quickly, before they have a chance to rot.

Vulture restaurants need:

1. Open space
Vultures need space to land and take off to fly. Being such large birds they need space to get going. Ideally no power lines or telephone lines should in the immediate area, or if there are then they need bird flappers on the top wire to make the wire easy to see.

2. Trees
A few trees or tall structures close by give them some security for roosting, if they want.

3. Water
Vultures love to clean off after a good meal. Messy eaters, they love nothing more than splashing around afterwards.

Vulture Restaurant @ VulPro. Photo Mandy Schroder
Vulture Restaurant @ VulPro. Photo Mandy Schroder

4. Food Source
They can eat any type of animal as long as the meat is a regular supply of safe, drug free carcasses for them to eat every day.

Vultures on farms
Vultures can help farmers by telling them that there are dead animals. Their circling over carcasses is a wonderful warning sign to a farmer that he has a problem.


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