Adoption auction of VulPro’s Cape Vulture Chicks a huge success

Zazus chick Honey nameplate
On the 14
th of August 2015, VulPro auctioned off the adoption of three of their five captive bred Cape Vulture chicks. Having never done this before, we decided to only put 3 chicks up for adoption as a test to see how receptive the public would be to the idea.

Airwolf 3 edited nameplateThis section of the auction proved to be so popular that we ended up auctioning the remaining two as well and still had people asking about more. Never before has VulPro had all of its chicks adopted.

This is now something that we will definitely do again in the future, adoption packages and newsletters are sent to each of the new “parents” along with some beautiful photos of “their” babies.



Lend a helping hand!

Thomas nameplateIf saving a life is something that interests you then please consider adopting one of our adult vultures. It is incredibly sad to see an adult vulture who has known freedom and the power of flight, reduced to a one winged resident of VulPro.

We have vultures come in with fractures so bad that the bone shows through an open wound, resulting in immediate surgical amputation. These adult birds may not have the “cuteness” factor of our young chicks, but you will have the pleasure of seeing them settle and start to breed at VulPro.

588 chick Quarterback nameplateHow exciting would it be to see a depressed vulture successfully adapt to a healthy life and produce chicks of its own? An added benefit is it something that your whole family can enjoy, with trips to VulPro, especially for your children to learn the valuable life lesson of responsibility and our impact on the environment.


Your support today helps us save a life for tomorrow!”655 chick 2 Sky edited nameplate


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