Young girls calls on fellow kids to protect birds

When a young Eurasian Hobby (a type of falcon) was delivered to VulPro Vulture Rehabilitation Centre a few weeks back, it touched Amy Gear’s heart. Most of the injured birds that ten year old Amy had seen admitted to the Centre were large vultures that had been victims of powerline collisions or electrocutions but this little falcon had been shot with a pellet gun, an injury that had almost certainly been sustained at the hands of someone around her age.

Amy, along with her dad, Primedia Environmental Correspondent, Simon Gear, decided to write a letter to the kids of the area in which the bird was found, to remind them, that their actions have consequences.

The point of the letter was not to find the perpetrators, but rather to enlist the kids of the area as conservationists rather than as persecutors of birds.

The letter has been distributed among 800 households around where the bird was found and will hopefully be sent out to local schools as well.

Amy is very proud to be associated with the work that is done at VulPro, which is mostly to do with the rehabilitation, breeding and conservation of vultures, but also overlaps into the occasional rehabilitation of other birds of prey.


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