Young girls calls on fellow kids to protect birds

When a young Eurasian Hobby (a type of falcon) was delivered to VulPro Vulture Rehabilitation Centre a few weeks back, it touched Amy Gear’s heart. Most of the injured birds that ten year old Amy had seen admitted to the Centre were large vultures that had been victims of powerline collisions or electrocutions but this little falcon had been shot with a pellet gun, an injury that had almost certainly been sustained at the hands of someone around her age.

Amy, along with her dad, Primedia Environmental Correspondent, Simon Gear, decided to write a letter to the kids of the area in which the bird was found, to remind them, that their actions have consequences.

The point of the letter was not to find the perpetrators, but rather to enlist the kids of the area as conservationists rather than as persecutors of birds.

The letter has been distributed among 800 households around where the bird was found and will hopefully be sent out to local schools as well.

Amy is very proud to be associated with the work that is done at VulPro, which is mostly to do with the rehabilitation, breeding and conservation of vultures, but also overlaps into the occasional rehabilitation of other birds of prey.


Beautiful message from Erin- Roots and Shoots Learner

Dear Dr kerri
Have a nice holiday.
I will miss you very much,l going to miss vultures for period but ĺ wishes to see them flying across our country as well.
I ĺove vultures because they keep our environment clean.
May Lord bless you in everythinģ that you do.
Thank you for saviñg our vultures ,they healthy and strong.
If it was n’t kerri and al of you,we would have lost our vultures and the Atmosphere would smell and dirty
Thank you kerri have a wonderful holiday

Erin funyufunyu
(Roots &shoots kid)

Poetry Corner

FLY VULTURES FLY by Darlington Chaya
Fly,fly vultures fly
Kerri tells us about you to fly

Fly,fly all over the world fly
As you are the first to succeed fly
Fly,fly over our continent fly
I will put my hand if you fall fly
Fly ,fly to achieve your desired aim fly
Fly over our country fly

You keep our environment clean fly
Smile,smile shine vulture fly
Fly over the sky fly

With health you and l we can fly

Get your MyPlanet Card Today!


Shout out to all our Griffons!

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Roots and Shoots

Exciting new things are happening at VulPro!


VulPro had teamed up with the Jane Goodall Institute’s programme “Roots and Shoots”.

Once a week, children who are enthusiastic about learning and nature, come join us at the VulPro facilites to participate in this wonderful and educational activity.

The aim of Roots and Shoots is to allow children of all ages who are interested in nature to participateand improve their awareness and knowledge of the natural world around them.


The main focus of the programme is centred around all aspects of nature but does also include lessons focused on children’s rights and human social aspects as we feel it is of vital importance that children of all ages become aware of the rights they have regarding basic physical and emotional needs.


During the duration of this programme, kids will learn about:

Humans role in the environment

Respect and human rights




And so much more!!!

The programme is based on 5 week cycles, with each cycle having a different school or group of children participate.


Our very first group are from Kameeldrift Primary school. They have been attending for the past two weeks and have immensely enjoyed the various activities and knowledge gained.

We hope to continue this partnership with Roots and Shoots for a prolonged period in order to allow as many different schools as possible to participate in this after school programme!

Who knows? Your school might be next!

One child’s love makes a difference! Gerda van Biljon our September Child Champion.

8 year old Gerda van Biljon in her vulture Spring Day shirt
8 year old Gerda van Biljon in her vulture Spring Day shirt

Gerda van Biljon an 8 year old pupil at Centurion Christelike Laerskool chose vultures for her school project on birds.  In her search for information, she came across VulPro’s Kid’s Corner on International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD).  Coincidentally IVAD is the same day as Gerda’s sister’s birthday.

Gerda used some of the information that she found on Kid’s Corner in her speech as well as using some of our vulture pictures for her t shirt on Spring Day. What a special child this 8 year old is, already so passionate about our special vultures.

Gerda didn’t stop her good work there, she downloaded and printed off one of our pictures and got every child in her class to colour it in, she then asked her mom to send it all to us so that we could see their gorgeous pictures.

Gerda’s vulture speech lasted 4 to 5 minutes and so impressed her teacher that she was asked to perform her speech again in front of her headmaster. which she bravely did.

It is for children like Gerda that Kid’s Corner was designed and it is incredibly rewarding to see our hard work has had such a positive impact on her.

Gerda is VulPro’s Kid’s Corner’s Champion for the month of September. Congratulations Gerda!!

We wish that there were more children like Gerda, this is what her mom said to us, “That is why I send you all the colourings.  To show we care.  To show that people see your site, and maybe you can use the pictures as a frame or something, and let me know so that I can send all the parents to your site to see the posts.

Together we can let more people know about the care we can give for this special “ugly duckling” …”

VulPro would love to have more Child Champions like Gerda, contact Mandy Schroder on or Kerri Wolter on





















8 year old Gerda's picture of a vulture
8 year old Gerda’s picture of a vulture

















Vultures LOVE too! Happy Easter.

Happy Easter - Appeal from VulProEaster is a time of rebirth, where we have fun, go on Easter egg hunts, eat loads of chocolate and enjoy being with our family.  For VulPro to be continue breeding more vulture chicks, we need your help.  Fundraisers at schools, school visits to VulPro, community service at VulPro and Adopt a Vulture the opportunities are endless.

Every little bit of support helps us to bring these special babies into the world.

Look at the love between mother and chick and remember that these special birds are in danger of extinction, left in the wild this mother would have died from her injuries.  Thanks to VulPro she was saved and is now able to save our wild vultures by breeding in our captive breeding programme.

Be a part of our journey and help us save lives!