Roots and Shoots

Exciting new things are happening at VulPro!


VulPro had teamed up with the Jane Goodall Institute’s programme “Roots and Shoots”.

Once a week, children who are enthusiastic about learning and nature, come join us at the VulPro facilites to participate in this wonderful and educational activity.

The aim of Roots and Shoots is to allow children of all ages who are interested in nature to participateand improve their awareness and knowledge of the natural world around them.


The main focus of the programme is centred around all aspects of nature but does also include lessons focused on children’s rights and human social aspects as we feel it is of vital importance that children of all ages become aware of the rights they have regarding basic physical and emotional needs.


During the duration of this programme, kids will learn about:

Humans role in the environment

Respect and human rights




And so much more!!!

The programme is based on 5 week cycles, with each cycle having a different school or group of children participate.


Our very first group are from Kameeldrift Primary school. They have been attending for the past two weeks and have immensely enjoyed the various activities and knowledge gained.

We hope to continue this partnership with Roots and Shoots for a prolonged period in order to allow as many different schools as possible to participate in this after school programme!

Who knows? Your school might be next!