Skype in the Classroom- Connecting students to vulture conservation biologists in the field

Good morning to all our future conservationists!

We are very excited to share this new development with you all.

Debra Toor, an eco-literacy advocate and author, will be hosting “Skype in the classroom sessions, specifically aimed at connecting students to the world of vultures. We believe this is a fantastic initiative, as it will connect learners with an interest in nature, right across the globe. We will continue to post links to each session, so please keep an eye out and become a part of the change!

To view the introduction to this spectacular “Skype in the classroom” initiative, please follow the link below


Update- 9 February 2018

Debra Toor has thus far conducted 5 “Skype in the classroom” sessions to various grade 5 pupils throughout Louisiana! And it has been a hit! The learners love gaining knowledge about vultures, and returned home to spread the message to their families and friends!

One of the largest threats faced by vultures is that of power lines. This was discussed in depth during these sessions, along with how science and collaborations with government agencies and utility companies is addressing this threat.

We will share these sessions with you very soon! The following is a link to a short clip about vultures, which was shown to all the learners participating. We hope you enjoy it!


Update 13 March 2018

Debra has been continuing her phenomenal programme of Skype in the Classroom, with another two sessions being completed. During these sessions, she focussed on capturing and tagging of vultures, as well as exposed the learners to the threat of poison.

The learners were shown the following two clips, and were completely captivated and enthralled! We would like to share these with you as well!


Update 14 March 2018- Skype in the Classroom reaching South Africa!

We are very excited to let our followers know that Debra Toor’s amazing “Skype in the Classroom” sessions will be reaching South Africa on the 27th of March! She will be hosting a session with grade 5 learners from Steyn City School in Johannesburg!

We will share updates on the session very soon! For now, please feel free to browse through our “Grumpy and Loon” Children’s booklet, which will also be shared with these learners!

Grumpy and Loon 02

Update 27 March 2018

We are very excited to report that Debra’s “Skype in the classroom” session with the Steyn City School in Johannesburg was a fantastic hit! The learners were enthralled and we expect to have many knocking in VulPro’s door to come learn more about these amazing creatures. Debra is now focussing on having the learners follow vulture movements throughout southern Africa. If you want to join in, feel free to visit our websites tracking updates: