Eco Stories an introduction

Cape Vulture "the Conductor" Photo Mandy Schroder
Cape Vulture “the Conductor” Photo Mandy Schroder

There is an exciting new blog for schools, teachers and children who want to learn about Africa’s vultures.  It explains the threats, conservation methods, and offers a VulPro free downloadable fun ebook, videos and games.  It also highlights the work that VulPro does to save our vultures.  Please go visit the site and let us know what you think of it.


One child’s love makes a difference! Gerda van Biljon our September Child Champion.

8 year old Gerda van Biljon in her vulture Spring Day shirt
8 year old Gerda van Biljon in her vulture Spring Day shirt

Gerda van Biljon an 8 year old pupil at Centurion Christelike Laerskool chose vultures for her school project on birds.  In her search for information, she came across VulPro’s Kid’s Corner on International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD).  Coincidentally IVAD is the same day as Gerda’s sister’s birthday.

Gerda used some of the information that she found on Kid’s Corner in her speech as well as using some of our vulture pictures for her t shirt on Spring Day. What a special child this 8 year old is, already so passionate about our special vultures.

Gerda didn’t stop her good work there, she downloaded and printed off one of our pictures and got every child in her class to colour it in, she then asked her mom to send it all to us so that we could see their gorgeous pictures.

Gerda’s vulture speech lasted 4 to 5 minutes and so impressed her teacher that she was asked to perform her speech again in front of her headmaster. which she bravely did.

It is for children like Gerda that Kid’s Corner was designed and it is incredibly rewarding to see our hard work has had such a positive impact on her.

Gerda is VulPro’s Kid’s Corner’s Champion for the month of September. Congratulations Gerda!!

We wish that there were more children like Gerda, this is what her mom said to us, “That is why I send you all the colourings.  To show we care.  To show that people see your site, and maybe you can use the pictures as a frame or something, and let me know so that I can send all the parents to your site to see the posts.

Together we can let more people know about the care we can give for this special “ugly duckling” …”

VulPro would love to have more Child Champions like Gerda, contact Mandy Schroder on or Kerri Wolter on





















8 year old Gerda's picture of a vulture
8 year old Gerda’s picture of a vulture

















Vulture Species and ranges of the world

Vultures of the World
Vultures of the World
Vulture Species
Vulture Species

You know you’re a vulture when…

You know you're a vulture when...
You know you’re a vulture when…

Man-made Cliffs and Breeding Enclosures

VulPro's Cape Vulture Breeding Enclosure and Breeding Cliff
VulPro’s Cape Vulture Breeding Enclosure and Breeding Cliff just after it was built

We all know that a good method of helping to save endangered species is to breed in captivity for release into the wild.

VulPro started their captive breeding programme with their Cape Vulture breeding enclosure and man-made breeding cliff.

The Man-made Breeding Cliff at VulPro
The Man-made Breeding Cliff at VulPro

Cape Vultures only breed on cliffs that are

  • South facing
  • Wide enough and long enough for both parents to fit on

To make their breeding cliff, VulPro had to bring in special steel supports and lots of concrete and wire.  The cliff itself is very heavy and had to have huge steel supports as the skeleton so that it would be strong and safe when the vultures are living on it.

A Cape Vulture Parent and Chick on one of the nesting ledges
A Cape Vulture Parent and Chick on one of the nesting ledges

Ledges were designed so that breeding pairs each have their own section in which to nest.  Nesting material is provided for them to build their nests with.

Read our next Vulture Story – Nests, Eggs and Incubation to learn more

The Griffons – VulPro’s Kid’s Club

Vulpro Logo

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

What parent is not panicked about the type of world that their children are growing up in, the inherent risks and dangers are terrifying?  Exposure to drugs, early pregnancies are just a few of the very real challenges that children and parents of today face.

Children experience peer pressure, bullying and violent crime or the potential for it on a daily basis.

The Griffons have fun and learn how to feed some of the residents at VulPro.
The Griffons have fun and learn how to feed some of the residents at VulPro. Photo B. Boemans

VulPro’s Kid’s Club provides children with a safe, healthy and fun environment in which to enjoy and learn from nature; the kind of exposure that their parents enjoyed growing up in a simpler, slower moving world, where children could be, simply children.  Most children have an instinctive love of animals, The Griffons help nurture and develop this.  All of these factors develop a child’s core values, education, personal and emotional development as well as allowing them to have fun, as children need to enjoy being children.

The Griffons are children and young adults of school going age (primary and high school). They are people who love nature, animals and the outdoors.

The Griffons learn  to identify the residents of Vulpro. Photo B. Boemans
The Griffons learn to identify the residents of Vulpro. Photo B. Boemans

The Griffons get to learn about nature and what is happening in our environment. They learn about the problems that our modern living and technology creates for our wildlife.

Members are exposed to new opportunities for careers and training, through exposure to our wildlife.

It is not only our charismatic rhino that is terribly endangered, our entertaining vultures are too.

The members enjoy the freedom of VulPro’s open space and safety, unlike the caution we all show in towns and cities.

This is a club for every child.