Fill in the Blanks – All about Vultures

  1. image3 (1)Vultures sometimes feed on rotting meat called _____________.
  2. Bald spots on the chests of vultures are called _______________.
  3. Vultures have a set of long feathers called _________ feathers, and a set of short feathers called _______ feathers.
  4. Vultures urinate on their legs which is called ___________________.
  5. There are 2 types of vultures, __________world vultures and __________ world vultures.
  6. Vultures are part of the __________ family.
  7. Not all vultures have the ability to _________ (what you use your nose for).
  8. Raptors are solitary birds, vultures are often seen in groups meaning they are ________ birds.
  9. There are very few vultures left, meaning they are _______.
  10. Vultures glide on currents of warm air called __________.
Grumpy and Loon - Courtesy of Andre o Kelly
Grumpy and Loon – Courtesy of Andre o Kelly
Answers:1. Carrion, 2. Blushes 3. Primary, Secondary 4. Urohydrosis 5. Old, New 6. Cathartidae 7. Smell 8. Social 9. Endangered 10. Thermals